Tuesday, October 29, 2013

26 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
At 26 weeks baby is the size of a head of lettuce. Range of 13.6-14.8in and 1.5-2.5lbs
Baby is really growing and you can tell from me really growing

How am I changing?
Just my growing bump! There really is no hiding it now.

How am I feeling?
Once again - the same. Probably had a few more crampish feelings this week and now since I got the sheet on counting baby kicks (starting at 28wks tho) I now get a bit panicked when I don't feel baby kick at the usual time that I normally do. Then always, less than 2 minutes later, baby says "Hi, mom! I'm okay in here!" and I feel completely fine. On the baby kick end, I feel it all the time. I love it. I thankfully am not kept up at night from the kicks. Usually I feel kicks while I'm falling asleep, in the early morning, in the afternoon at some point for a bit. It's glorious. Josh can feel it for weeks now and we can even SEE some of the bigger kicks from the outside. No limbs jutting out yet, but just outside movement on my belly. I swear there are times that I am resting on the couch with something on my tummy and it moves from the baby kicking. 

What am I eating?
Same again. Fruits, soup which was great - corn chowder and potato soup, pizza of course, yogurt yadda yadda yadda. No food aversions or anything. I know I have heard people say that towards the end of pregnancy they get some food aversions. I hope this doesn't happen. I love my food.

Odds and ends:
This week we had dinner at a friend's house and she gave me all of her maternity clothes to borrow! It was like Christmas. I do not need to buy another piece of maternity clothes. I'm thrilled. Everything from pants, tshirts, long sleeves and sweaters. More than I could ever imagine. Now when I venture out I actually have the problem of too much to wear. It's no longer "hmm which color tshirt today? blue, green or black?" I have no idea how I would survive fall without the jackpot I scored. I'm thrilled and so, so grateful.
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