Thursday, March 7, 2013

wedding sign-in box

This is my second installment of saw it, pinned it, did it!

Similar to my last post, this is also a project I did for my wedding. My husband and I needed something for our guests to sign. I wanted to do something a little different than just have a guest book open for people to sign or not sign. Enter the box!

Once again, I didn't pin a particular box. I was planning on winging it.
I bought a wooden box from Michaels and some paint. I applied both colors and blended them together to try to accomplish a dark wood color. I saw on a different kind of pin that someone used a brown and a red to accomplish a wooden color so I decided to try it out on this.


I used some paper towel to wipe away color and add more to really just blend the colors together. I am very happy with the end results.
Then I made two felt flower rosettes. Making a rosette is very easy. Get a piece of felt and cut a giant, squiggly circle. The larger the circle the larger the rose. You'll end up with a long strand of felt. Begin rolling from the end and you'll end up with a flower! Take the flat end and hot glue to the back. Ta-da!!

To make it even better - I tied a yellow ribbon around the center of the box and glued the flowers where the seams met so you couldn't see them.

I got scrapbook paper from the Dollar Store, and cut the paper to the proper size to fit inside the box. I made sure the color of Sharpie pens I had for people to sign with would show up on the color paper that I bought.

The paper sat nicely inside the box with the Sharpie pens next to it on the table at our wedding. We also made up a sign and put it in a clear frame next to the box that directed people to sign the paper in the box.

I love that we made the box instead of just using a book. We now have it on display in our family room, on our bookshelf next to a wedding photo book we made and a wedding figurine. 

The total overall cost of the project: $6.00
Now that's what I call a deal!!!
What have you recreated from pinterest lately?
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  1. This was such a nice touch at your wedding and I love that you have it up in your living room now!
    With Luck

  2. So pretty! I seriously wish pinterest had been around when I was planning my wedding haha


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