Tuesday, October 29, 2013

26 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
At 26 weeks baby is the size of a head of lettuce. Range of 13.6-14.8in and 1.5-2.5lbs
Baby is really growing and you can tell from me really growing

How am I changing?
Just my growing bump! There really is no hiding it now.

How am I feeling?
Once again - the same. Probably had a few more crampish feelings this week and now since I got the sheet on counting baby kicks (starting at 28wks tho) I now get a bit panicked when I don't feel baby kick at the usual time that I normally do. Then always, less than 2 minutes later, baby says "Hi, mom! I'm okay in here!" and I feel completely fine. On the baby kick end, I feel it all the time. I love it. I thankfully am not kept up at night from the kicks. Usually I feel kicks while I'm falling asleep, in the early morning, in the afternoon at some point for a bit. It's glorious. Josh can feel it for weeks now and we can even SEE some of the bigger kicks from the outside. No limbs jutting out yet, but just outside movement on my belly. I swear there are times that I am resting on the couch with something on my tummy and it moves from the baby kicking. 

What am I eating?
Same again. Fruits, soup which was great - corn chowder and potato soup, pizza of course, yogurt yadda yadda yadda. No food aversions or anything. I know I have heard people say that towards the end of pregnancy they get some food aversions. I hope this doesn't happen. I love my food.

Odds and ends:
This week we had dinner at a friend's house and she gave me all of her maternity clothes to borrow! It was like Christmas. I do not need to buy another piece of maternity clothes. I'm thrilled. Everything from pants, tshirts, long sleeves and sweaters. More than I could ever imagine. Now when I venture out I actually have the problem of too much to wear. It's no longer "hmm which color tshirt today? blue, green or black?" I have no idea how I would survive fall without the jackpot I scored. I'm thrilled and so, so grateful.

Monday, October 28, 2013

25 weeks pregnant

How big is the baby?
At 25 weeks baby is the size of a head of cauliflower. 13.6-14.8inches, 1.5-2.5lbs
Baby is getting so, so big! The head of cauliflower in the photo is 4.8lbs so my baby is not that big.... yet.

How am I changing?
Just a bigger bump! Some days this week my bump has felt larger than other days. I don't know if this is a real thing but I think depending on where baby is located depends on my belly size? There are times where my stomach is as hard as a rock so I assume baby is closer to the front and my belly is a bit bigger. I don't know.

How am I feeling?
Same as usual! I failed to mention in week 24 that we had another doctor's appointment at 24wks, 5dys. Heart beat was good and this was my first appointment where I was measured! Baby is measuring exactly at 24 weeks. This appointment was a bit scary because we got informed about preterm labor signs, information about counting baby kicks, glucose test information and got my flu shot. One of the signs of preterm labor states "contractions with or without pain". I asked how I know if it's a contraction if there's no pain and all I got was, "oh, you'll know!" Greeeeaaat. Really looking forward to when contractions come. Thankfully all of my baby classes are booked so that should give me some peace of mind. 

What am I eating?
Same old same old. Yogurt, fruits, pizza, nuggets, potatoes, baked eggplant and a delicious "lasagna" I made but without lasagna noodles which turned out great! I'll have to make that again soon. Full of veggies. Great for baby. 

Odds and ends:
The first day of 25 weeks also marked our first anniversary!! Since I can't really tolerate long car rides cause of my sciatica, we took a close trip to home overnight. It was so wonderful just to get away for the night! We had a great time and I can't believe we've already been married for a year! The year really flew by. Obviously Josh and I didn't want to wait long to start a family. We've been together for a long time, living together for a long time, so we didn't want to wait. I'm just so incredibly happy that we are actually starting our family!
Aside from our minitrip, we painted the baby's room. When I say "we" I mean Josh. Now we just need to hang the new valance and all the major baby room projects are complete.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

24 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
At 24 weeks baby is the size of a cantaloupe! 10.5 -11.8inches, 12.7 - 20.8oz
In my 24 week photos, I look puffy cause I literally rolled out of bed and took photos... woops.

How am I changing?
With baby growing so much each week, gaining almost half a pound a week, it's no wonder my bump is reflecting this.  I'm beginning to notice that I feel a bit uncomfortable after eating larger meals. I might need to eat smaller meals more frequently - even more frequently than normal. I also think my boobs had another growth spurt this week. They're feeling like cantaloupes themselves oh man. I hope this is it and there's no more growth there.

How am I feeling?
Man, that sciatica really hurts after sitting or standing for too long! Some days it is so bad that I literally need help standing up. I just hope it goes away after the baby is born. I couldn't imagine living like this. Overall I am still able to do everything I used to do, for which I am extremely grateful. I might move a bit slower at the end of the day cause I'm getting a bit worn out but I have energy and am enjoying it while I can. I hear in the third trimester you can get tired again like in the first trimester.

What am I eating?
This week I whipped up some mashed potatoes and gravy (mmmm), made some homemade pierogies and stuffed mushroom caps, made roasted vegetable soup, had yet another "burger" night, pizza night, the usual yogurts, fruit, veggies, milk and I began trying to increase my fiber. Still trying to only have one sweet a day but it usually ends up being a sweet (like a cookie or some ice cream) and a piece of candy.

Odds and ends:
We went to a wedding this weekend. It's always nice to get dressed up and see your husband dashing in his suit - even if it needs it to be drastically taken in haha.

We also bought the paint for the nursery and I finished a project - making a light switch for the nursery. I'm still in major organization mode trying to get as much done as I can before the end of the month, but really before the holidays. I love the holiday season and don't want to be doing all of this when I can be sitting with a cup of hot cocoa or egg nog (soy) watching some holiday movies! Nor do I think I'll want to/be able to if my bump keeps growing at the rate it is and if fatigue does set in. I have my list of what needs to get done and love when something is accomplished!

This is the last day of 24 weeks and on a fun trip with hubby that I will discuss in my 25 week update!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

23 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
At 23 weeks baby is the size of a grapefruit. 10.5 - 11.8inches and 12.7-20.8 oz  Wide ranges here.

How am I changing?
I think it's getting quite noticeable that I have a bump.  I have realized that what I am wearing really makes a difference on how I feel - whether I'm comfortable with my body or not. There are very few days where I feel like a blob, thankfully. I have very few actual maternity clothes, and I hope it stays this way, so I still try to make due with t-shirts that I own and know that I always have Josh's shirts when I get bigger. We've had some hot weather this week which is great because I own maternity tshirts but on the bottom I only have pants. However, when it is officially cool weather out, I have pants but no long sleeve maternity tops. The weather where it is not sweater weather but not tshirt weather is going to be a bit tough for me.

How am I feeling?
Still feeling great! Same aches, pains and sciatica so I'm just grateful there is nothing new! Feeling baby move a lot, which I absolutely love. At night I play music for the baby and baby seems to like that and has a little dance party. Josh can also feel the baby moving regularly now, too.

What am I eating?
On my weekend outing with my mother, our stop at Panera was magical. They had my garden vegetable pesto soup! According to the website the soup is only offered on MWF, so I rarely get to eat it. I hope this wasn't a fluke and is now a weekend option! I also tried the pumpkin pie bagel - delicious! It's like a dessert, so mom and I split it. Hubby made delicious white bean chili this week, I broke out the popcorn machine, we had "burger" and fries night (homemade, much healthier), had my chickpea mash for lunches and I made one of my favorite soups - vegetable corn chowder. It is absolutely amazing and actually quite healthy. I might need to make this again in a few weeks. Oh and of course pizza.  

Odds and ends:
We have a wedding to go to and as I predicted months ago, my bump showed up right before the wedding. I tried on a few dresses I owned and I can't even express how bad they look. I deleted all the photos - it was that bad. I went into panic mode and told my husband either I'm wearing pajamas or we need to go shopping. The next morning we headed out and I hit a nice jackpot of clothes on sale from Target! Very happy I didn't need to make multiple stops at various stores. I ended up getting a dress for the wedding, black pants for work and two dressier tops all for the original price of the dress! cha-ching. 

I'm starting to try to take photos in normal clothes as well to really see the bump!

Eddie wanted in on the action.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

22 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
This week baby is the size of a spaghetti squash. That seems huge to me, anyone else?
10.5-11.8 inches, 12.7-20.8 ounces (quite the range)

How I'm changing?
Oh yea. I popped. I officially feel pregnant. I have the bump. I am embracing maternity jeans. Not just for their awesome stretch panel but when you have to pee and you have to pee it is awesome to just yank and your pants are down. There have been some close calls and if I had to fiddle with a zipper and button I don't know if the outcome would have been.... dry. (tmi?) That being said, I am very impressed that I managed to make it to about 22 weeks before I was in maternity clothes! I still can wear normal tops but I don't even try a normal bottom (pajamas, leggings and sweats not included. Those are all still fine.)

How I'm feeling?
This week I think I might have encountered Braxton Hicks contractions. I read up on it and apparently you start having contractions at 6 weeks but you can't feel them. Then as your uterus is getting larger you can begin to feel them. So maybe some of the cramps I have had were them but just didn't really hurt as much. One day this week I woke up, peed, went back to bed and I could feel my uterus was incredibly hard. Then the pain came. They were not fun. If these were real BH contractions, I hope they stay away and I am fearful of real contractions. I just kept thinking, "seriously, how would I do this for hours, even days?" epidural anyone? I guess I should sign up for that lamaze class soon, huh? Also, anyone who is pregnant or for future knowledge, changing positions usually helps with the BH contractions, i.e. if you're sitting, stand; if you're standing, try walking etc. I moved around, got some juice, water and graham crackers munched and eventually was able to fall back asleep. My biggest obstacle with labor and delivery is going to be myself and my panic/anxiety - I know this already. 

What I'm eating?
Usually every weekend I spend some time with my mother. We usually go out for a few hours and do some shopping/window shopping. We usually stop in at Panera for a bite as well. This week I finally had their Autumn Squash soup. It was goood. Not my favorite. The veggie pesto soup is still my favorite, but it was a nice change. They also have a pumpkin pie bagel that I am excited to try. They were sold out when we were there. I also had a "burger", I made my roasted vegetable soup, had mexican night because my mom randomly dropped off an avocado for me (not going to complain), had a pumpkin donut (half each night), yet more waffles and yet more pizza. This week cauliflower and broccoli were a big hit and salads! Lots of veggies this week. Good thing because I think I hit the candy a bit hard. 

look at that bump!
Odds and ends:
I have officially begun getting the house "baby ready". This means I started making room for baby stuff. I made room in the medicine cabinet, bathroom vanity, kitchen cabinet and linen closet for all of baby's things. Baby has his/her own shelf in all of them. Each year my husband and I go through our stuff and donate things we didn't really use the past year. I love doing this but he loves it even more. He hates clutter and junk. It's nice to purge out the old and in this case purge out the old to bring in lots of new stuff for baby!  Between my husband's work schedule and class schedule, I took on this project alone. Anytime I tell him I have to ask him about something to donate he just says "get rid of it" he doesn't really care what it is. It's wonderful. It is a lot easier if I am hmming and haaaing over keeping something I just ask myself if I want this space filled with (insert item here) or use it for baby item.. baby wins all the time!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

21 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
Baby is the size of a large carrot! 10.5 inches, 12.7 ounces
Busted! that carrot isn't 10.5 inches - it's more like 9in

How I'm changing?
Pretty much doing the same here. All the symptoms I read about that one may be experiencing, I, fortunately, do not experience ::knock on wood::
The biggest thing for this week is I think I finally had some bumpage pop out! You can see in the picture below that my stomach is kind of touching my shirt. So it begins....
Not sure if I ever even mentioned this but my boobs/nipples are feeling so much better. I'd say for a good 2-3 weeks now I have been doing well on this end. Every so often they'll get a bit sore but nothing at all like they used to be! I guess I'm getting a break before they really go through the ringer in a few months.

How I'm feeling?
I'm sorry to be a bore, but really, I love that each week I continue to say "the same". I'm feeling very, very good because I know how bad it could be. There are days when I don't even feel pregnant. I know I am but if I didn't get some kicks here and there and my sciatica pain, I'd not know. 

What I'm eating?
Waffles. Baked penne with "sausage". Halloween Oreos were spotted and purchased! Raviolis. Oatmeal. "Chicken nuggets". Mashed potatoes and gravy - yum. Pizza. And of course fruits, veggies and Greek yogurt.

I had a visitor twice this week after work. My dad stopped by on his way home from getting my mom from work to drop off some pumpkin ice cream. Yes please and delicious. The next day he showed up with Halloween Oreos! I asked him if he and mom were concerned about me gaining weight and that they shouldn't be because I'm doing fine. He asked if I didn't want them then and, of course, I did. I didn't tell him, however, that I had two other boxes in the house. (I'm proud to say as I'm writing this at 23 weeks pregnant, I still have 2.5 boxes of the oreos left. I think that deserves some kind of medal or something.)

Odds and ends:
Our valance came in! Now we need to figure out if we are painting and if we are painting, what color, how many walls etc. I'd love, love, love to have all nursery projects completed by the end of October.
In big news - we had our ultrasound at the end of 20 weeks! So now there is one person in this world who knows our baby's gender!! It was so incredible to see little baby. Our munchkin was sitting Indian style which is just too adorable for words. We saw the spine, the heart beating, legs, arms oh it was unreal! A baby spine looks like a fish bone. Is that un-mom-like? Cause it does. If you've ever seen a fish skeleton, that's my kid's spine. The tech had to jiggle my stomach to get baby's legs to uncross to confirm the gender. I have seen ultrasounds that point out if it's a boy or a girl so while she was looking and we looked away, I said to Josh, "She's looking for a stick or three lines!" and she replied with, "you can say stick or three lines, I usually say penis or vagina." I love her. Did I mention that? She was so fantastic each time we had our ultrasounds. We laughed the whole time with her.
The next day we had our regular 4 week check up! The doctor said they didn't have my US results back yet and I told him, "I saw two arms and two legs". He laughed and said that they look for more than just that. Me being me, said, "oh, well I saw fingers and toes, too" This doctor, also awesome. Funny, too. He can deliver my baby any day. At the practice I go to, and I'm sure at many practices, they rotate you through all the doctors who could potentially deliver your baby so you have a chance to meet them. Thumbs up in my book for this one. I should probably learn their real names, cause I make up fake names for all of them and Josh knows the real ones.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

20 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
This week baby is the size of a banana! 6.5 inches, 10.6 ounces
Whoa.... We're half way there!!!! ..... (whoa... living on a prayer? anyone?)

How I'm changing?
So I think I have a baby bump?! Last weekend I took the plunge and went shopping for maternity jeans. Do you know how much maternity jeans are? A lot! $56 a lot to be exact. Thankfully there were labor day sales, a lady I work with gave me a $10 coupon and I had an extra 15% off so I got my jeans for $20. That I will spend. This Saturday, when I turned 20 weeks, I was going out and decided to wear the jeans. I figure I'm halfway there, 20 weeks left, $20 jeans, that's a buck a week. I'm sure I will be in maternity stuff even after baby is born - even better. Get my moneys worth. So now I have 3 pair of pants: jeans, maternity leggings and green skinny pants I got on clearance for fall. I'm set (I hope). I don't fill out the stuff yet but, oh well, I paid for them I'm wearing them. To work I still just wear my regular clothes.

How I'm feeling?
Feeling good! Feeling very excited and very nervous. We have a doctor's appointment this week - two actually, our check up and  our anatomy scan - which means we get to see baby again!!! If we wanted to find out the gender, this would be the scan we would find out. But we don't want to know so hopefully nothing slips by and with my awesome ultrasound reading skills I don't detect if it's a boy or a girl. The craziest thing ever is this is the last time we will see baby (if all goes well). The next time we see baby will be when it is coming out of me. Gulp.

What I'm eating?
I don't know what happened but I feel like I could just sit and eat sweets all. day. long. I don't. But I want to. And pizza. It's just so good. But I'm eating real food: oatmeal, chili, "burger", taco night, waffles, potstickers and salad. And, pizza. I eat pizza every Friday. It's my favorite end to the week and something to which I look forward. Even as a kid, every Friday was pizza, as I'm sure it was in many a household, but I'm excited to have my kid make pizza with mom and dad on Friday nights!

Odds and ends:
Probably the absolute most exciting thing this week, besides going to the doctor (hasn't happened yet), is I can officially say I have felt my baby move! I was questioning it around week 18. I was at work and felt what felt like a punch towards my ass bone. I knew it wasn't gas bubbles or anything else I had ever felt before. It made me pause for a moment. Since then I had felt movements, this strange feeling, many, many times and I know it is baby. It's so amazing to feel. I love it! I can't wait until it is more frequent and daily.

Let's discuss some of the stupid things I have done the past few weeks.

Josh and I were out doing errands and he had to run in to pick up some dog food for Eddie. We parked. I told him I was going to stay in the car. He ran in. I'm sitting in the car and began to wonder why the person in the car ahead of us was just sitting there staring at me!! I began getting uncomfortable until I noticed that the person was me. I was looking at my reflection in the window of the store.

I had to send my husband a picture of my left hand to ask him if I had my wedding rings on the correct finger. It just didn't look right to me.

I put my car keys in the fridge at work in the morning and didn't realize it until lunch. They were mighty cold.

I can't think of the right word immediately so I just say the first word that comes to mind. For instance, if I forget the word for "carrot" I might say "pepper". Josh will correct me and I'll always say, "you know what I mean, come on now"

I made a reference to a store as "that place with the name that's three letters". I was referencing CVS. My mom knew what I meant (apple doesn't fall far I guess).

I see things. A lot. I have asked Josh many, many times to check and see if a (snake, bat, cat, mouse etc) just (ran across the floor, went behind the door, is running in our yard, is hiding under the table etc). It happens. At least there is never a dull moment in our house

One perk of being expectant parents is that certain things don't seem to matter as much anymore. Oh you're pouring a glass of water and completely miss the glass and pour it all over the floor? Oh well! Oh I just dumped my entire taco salad on the floor.. face side down. Who cares! (I actually cared, and cried hysterically over this. Not cause of the mess but because I really wanted my food. My reaction is comical now but I was balling my eyes out. I even ran to my room and cried in my pillow.)
We're gonna have a kid and who the hell knows what (s)he'll do!! Maybe they'll be very fond of spaghetti hats. Or put cans of tuna in their diaper (I may have done this as a child at grocery stores). Five months from today I could have pee in my face! Puts things in perspective, huh? So, yea, now any stupid mess or mishap we just laugh it off. I hope I can laugh it off when baby bathes in chocolate pudding.... then pees in my face.

In case you need to catch up:

Monday, September 30, 2013

19 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
This week baby is the size of a mango  6inches, 8.5 ounces

How I'm changing?
I put on some weight which is good. I would say I'm up about 4-5lbs. I was starting to get very, very worried that I was not putting on weight. I know I need to put on weight for baby to make sure baby is growing and I'm giving baby what he/she needs. Mentally I need to get over weight gain and understand that it's not all fat I am putting on. According to the mayo clinic, weight gain during pregnancy comes from:
  • Baby: 7 to 8 pounds
  • Larger breasts: 2 pounds
  • Larger uterus: 2 pounds
  • Placenta: 1 1/2 pounds
  • Amniotic fluid: 2 pounds
  • Increased blood volume: 3 to 4 pounds
  • Increased fluid volume: 3 to 4 pounds
  • Fat stores: 6 to 8 pounds 
Now this is obviously just an example and estimates. A certain funny lady who wrote a certain amusing pregnancy book weighed her breast on a food scale and it was 5 lbs. That's 10lbs of boob right there!

    How I'm feeling?
    Aside from a tummy ache and a result of that on Saturday, I am feeling great. I'm still really tired in the morning for work and nap on the weekends. I am keeping up my workouts and try to do 4-5 days a week. Not being able to run sucks, but I'm still doing walks, yoga, prenatal DVDs, light weights and abs! I even still do the ab ripper X. I'm sure as my belly grows I won't be able to do all of it, but for now, I enjoy it. I want to keep my abs strong so they can help push baby out when the time comes.

    Also, a symptom I have been having for I'd say 2 weeks now is insane nail growth. My nails grow so fast now, I hate it. I have long nails that start back far (I sound like an alien) so I keep the nails themselves short. I find myself cutting and filing my nails much, much more often.

    What I'm eating?
    I am happy to say that I ate an egg. It was actually 2 eggs. Hubby made me some scrambled eggs with some cheese and toast and then informed me it was 2 eggs! I think I made myself a little panicked over eating eggs and my tummy hurt a bit. BUT I will try again and mentally try to not think about it and just, again, think of how good it is for baby.
    Also this week I housed a honeydew, had "burger night", stuffed shells (which ended badly - major tummy issues here), homemade waffles, taco night, popcorn, ice cream, quinoa, and of course, pizza. This week also brought the return of pumpkin at Dunkin so I got me two munchkins. It was bliss.
    No food aversions! I'm eating apples, veggies, fruit, you have food, I will eat.

    Odds and ends:
    This week we put together our crib!!!! It is so beautiful. Besides the piece that fell and hit me in the knee, it was a disaster free incident. I baked banana bread while hubby put it together. I assisted when needed and ended up hurting myself in the process but hey - it's for baby. I have NO idea how women put together cribs when they are 8 months pregnant with a big belly. I have my little bump and that was enough for me. Other than that, in the nursery (!!!!) we have a dresser already, bought a medium bookcase for books and ordered a valance!

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013

    18 weeks pregnant

    How big is baby? 
    Baby is the size of a sweet potato! 5.6inches long and 6.7ounces
    You know what this means - sweet potato fries. Yes please.
    Baby is growing rapidly so I should be feeling very hungry this week.

    I am laughing in this photo because as it was being taken, Eddie let out a big fart. That dog has some human farts, I swear. Sorry if that grosses anyone out. It's life.

    How I’m changing?
    One day I know I'll write that I popped overnight and I'm huge but, for now, same.

    How I’m feeling?
    Fine. Same. For which I am grateful.  I just learn what I need to do to deal with the same symptoms and hope I stay feeling this good throughout my entire pregnancy. I wouldn't say that I had a surge of energy but I am able to do a lot more when I get home from work now. I can pretty much do dishes, manage to put together lunches for work, and help with anything we need for dinner along with a workout. There are still some days, towards the end of the week, where I just need to go home and relax or am able to do a workout and that's it. I don't know if this is good, but I choose a workout over household chores. Thankfully my husband is very supportive of this and doesn't mind tackling what I don't accomplish or we save them and I tell him I'll do them later so we can sit and spend time together :o)  

    What I'm eating?
    I kick-started 18 weeks with an egg! Another egg wrapped in a tortilla. This time I think I had almost an entire egg. I want to try to get to eating a scrambled egg with toast - not hidden in something. Baby steps. I know eggs are great for baby so I just keep thinking about that.
    I also had vegetarian paella, boca burger, spaghetti, sloppy joes made with lentils instead of meat, salads and pizza. 

    Odds and Ends:
    Baby had a big weekend to kick off 18 weeks. To start, Air Force One flew over our house. Yes, Obama was in the area to speak and he departed and flew right by our house. This is my second sighting of Air Force One this year. At the beginning of the year I was on a run and AFO was flying to the airport with VP Biden. 

    After Obama, we took baby to another baseball game where Derek Jeter played because he was injured. 

    If that wasn't exciting enough, the game ended with some nice fireworks.

    Saturday we had a nice day at Babies R Us and then I just needed to relax. I was too tired. We did not go to our scheduled game that night, but hey, I need to listen to my body, right? And after what happened last weekend, I didn't want to push myself.

    Sunday we got our walk in at the lake and saw a beautiful bird of prey just perched on a branch...

    big weekend for baby! 

    We also received our crib! I'll show it once we put it together, got a swing for baby and baby got more clothes from Josh's orientee at work. So spoiled. I love it. 

    When we were heading out to our baseball game I told Josh that I felt and looked really pregnant and he should take a picture. I think in my mind I'm larger than I am...


    Monday, September 9, 2013

    17 weeks pregnant

    How big is baby? 
    Baby is the size of an onion.   5.1inches and 5.9ounces

    How I’m changing?
    I did officially gain at least 1 pound. 1.4lbs to be exact. 
    I've felt this way for a bit but I really think I'm losing my mind. I want to do a post on just how crazy I have become with pregnancy. I know people talk about "pregnancy brain" but I think there can be some truth to it. I'm just so out of it sometimes. 

    How I’m feeling?
    Feeling the same. Tired. Peeing a lot. I find there are some days that I pee literally every 10-15 minutes. Do you know how annoying that is?? Same aches and pains. I'm trying to do more prenatal yoga and hope that helps with some of the pains.

    What I'm eating?
    My husband was off so he made me all the meals I wanted (not too different from any other week). For lunch I brought back one of my favorite sandwiches: cheese with mustard, pickles and lettuce. So amazing. Also chickpea mash.  For dinner hubby made mushroom risotto, we had "hot dog" night with red potatoes, broccoli, breakfast night with pancakes and strawberries and blueberries, and pizza!
    Still no food aversions. Didn't have another apple since. But I am eating my plums. Yum. I'm also drinking a lot of milk. Some days I have three glasses of milk.
    Odds and Ends:
    We took baby to a baseball game, two actually, this weekend and saw fireworks after each game! Baby is starting to hear voices so I'm sure baby heard all the big explosions!! After the second game I was having some tightness and some cramps but it progressively got worse. It was so bad that it hurt to walk to the car. The minute I got in the car I just burst into tears. We made it home, my husband got me into bed and got me some water and tried to just calm me down. It was incredibly scary. I had no idea what was happening. It was coming in waves and ALL I could think was "OMG what if these are contractions!!!" I calmed down, relaxed, drank lots of water and managed to get some food down and they subsided. It was so scary. I'm sure being in stadium seats two nights in a row and not drinking anything at the game was a big no-no on my part. Next week we have two more games - I'll not make that mistake again. 

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