Wednesday, October 2, 2013

21 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
Baby is the size of a large carrot! 10.5 inches, 12.7 ounces
Busted! that carrot isn't 10.5 inches - it's more like 9in

How I'm changing?
Pretty much doing the same here. All the symptoms I read about that one may be experiencing, I, fortunately, do not experience ::knock on wood::
The biggest thing for this week is I think I finally had some bumpage pop out! You can see in the picture below that my stomach is kind of touching my shirt. So it begins....
Not sure if I ever even mentioned this but my boobs/nipples are feeling so much better. I'd say for a good 2-3 weeks now I have been doing well on this end. Every so often they'll get a bit sore but nothing at all like they used to be! I guess I'm getting a break before they really go through the ringer in a few months.

How I'm feeling?
I'm sorry to be a bore, but really, I love that each week I continue to say "the same". I'm feeling very, very good because I know how bad it could be. There are days when I don't even feel pregnant. I know I am but if I didn't get some kicks here and there and my sciatica pain, I'd not know. 

What I'm eating?
Waffles. Baked penne with "sausage". Halloween Oreos were spotted and purchased! Raviolis. Oatmeal. "Chicken nuggets". Mashed potatoes and gravy - yum. Pizza. And of course fruits, veggies and Greek yogurt.

I had a visitor twice this week after work. My dad stopped by on his way home from getting my mom from work to drop off some pumpkin ice cream. Yes please and delicious. The next day he showed up with Halloween Oreos! I asked him if he and mom were concerned about me gaining weight and that they shouldn't be because I'm doing fine. He asked if I didn't want them then and, of course, I did. I didn't tell him, however, that I had two other boxes in the house. (I'm proud to say as I'm writing this at 23 weeks pregnant, I still have 2.5 boxes of the oreos left. I think that deserves some kind of medal or something.)

Odds and ends:
Our valance came in! Now we need to figure out if we are painting and if we are painting, what color, how many walls etc. I'd love, love, love to have all nursery projects completed by the end of October.
In big news - we had our ultrasound at the end of 20 weeks! So now there is one person in this world who knows our baby's gender!! It was so incredible to see little baby. Our munchkin was sitting Indian style which is just too adorable for words. We saw the spine, the heart beating, legs, arms oh it was unreal! A baby spine looks like a fish bone. Is that un-mom-like? Cause it does. If you've ever seen a fish skeleton, that's my kid's spine. The tech had to jiggle my stomach to get baby's legs to uncross to confirm the gender. I have seen ultrasounds that point out if it's a boy or a girl so while she was looking and we looked away, I said to Josh, "She's looking for a stick or three lines!" and she replied with, "you can say stick or three lines, I usually say penis or vagina." I love her. Did I mention that? She was so fantastic each time we had our ultrasounds. We laughed the whole time with her.
The next day we had our regular 4 week check up! The doctor said they didn't have my US results back yet and I told him, "I saw two arms and two legs". He laughed and said that they look for more than just that. Me being me, said, "oh, well I saw fingers and toes, too" This doctor, also awesome. Funny, too. He can deliver my baby any day. At the practice I go to, and I'm sure at many practices, they rotate you through all the doctors who could potentially deliver your baby so you have a chance to meet them. Thumbs up in my book for this one. I should probably learn their real names, cause I make up fake names for all of them and Josh knows the real ones.


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