Thursday, October 3, 2013

22 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
This week baby is the size of a spaghetti squash. That seems huge to me, anyone else?
10.5-11.8 inches, 12.7-20.8 ounces (quite the range)

How I'm changing?
Oh yea. I popped. I officially feel pregnant. I have the bump. I am embracing maternity jeans. Not just for their awesome stretch panel but when you have to pee and you have to pee it is awesome to just yank and your pants are down. There have been some close calls and if I had to fiddle with a zipper and button I don't know if the outcome would have been.... dry. (tmi?) That being said, I am very impressed that I managed to make it to about 22 weeks before I was in maternity clothes! I still can wear normal tops but I don't even try a normal bottom (pajamas, leggings and sweats not included. Those are all still fine.)

How I'm feeling?
This week I think I might have encountered Braxton Hicks contractions. I read up on it and apparently you start having contractions at 6 weeks but you can't feel them. Then as your uterus is getting larger you can begin to feel them. So maybe some of the cramps I have had were them but just didn't really hurt as much. One day this week I woke up, peed, went back to bed and I could feel my uterus was incredibly hard. Then the pain came. They were not fun. If these were real BH contractions, I hope they stay away and I am fearful of real contractions. I just kept thinking, "seriously, how would I do this for hours, even days?" epidural anyone? I guess I should sign up for that lamaze class soon, huh? Also, anyone who is pregnant or for future knowledge, changing positions usually helps with the BH contractions, i.e. if you're sitting, stand; if you're standing, try walking etc. I moved around, got some juice, water and graham crackers munched and eventually was able to fall back asleep. My biggest obstacle with labor and delivery is going to be myself and my panic/anxiety - I know this already. 

What I'm eating?
Usually every weekend I spend some time with my mother. We usually go out for a few hours and do some shopping/window shopping. We usually stop in at Panera for a bite as well. This week I finally had their Autumn Squash soup. It was goood. Not my favorite. The veggie pesto soup is still my favorite, but it was a nice change. They also have a pumpkin pie bagel that I am excited to try. They were sold out when we were there. I also had a "burger", I made my roasted vegetable soup, had mexican night because my mom randomly dropped off an avocado for me (not going to complain), had a pumpkin donut (half each night), yet more waffles and yet more pizza. This week cauliflower and broccoli were a big hit and salads! Lots of veggies this week. Good thing because I think I hit the candy a bit hard. 

look at that bump!
Odds and ends:
I have officially begun getting the house "baby ready". This means I started making room for baby stuff. I made room in the medicine cabinet, bathroom vanity, kitchen cabinet and linen closet for all of baby's things. Baby has his/her own shelf in all of them. Each year my husband and I go through our stuff and donate things we didn't really use the past year. I love doing this but he loves it even more. He hates clutter and junk. It's nice to purge out the old and in this case purge out the old to bring in lots of new stuff for baby!  Between my husband's work schedule and class schedule, I took on this project alone. Anytime I tell him I have to ask him about something to donate he just says "get rid of it" he doesn't really care what it is. It's wonderful. It is a lot easier if I am hmming and haaaing over keeping something I just ask myself if I want this space filled with (insert item here) or use it for baby item.. baby wins all the time!

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