Tuesday, October 15, 2013

23 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
At 23 weeks baby is the size of a grapefruit. 10.5 - 11.8inches and 12.7-20.8 oz  Wide ranges here.

How am I changing?
I think it's getting quite noticeable that I have a bump.  I have realized that what I am wearing really makes a difference on how I feel - whether I'm comfortable with my body or not. There are very few days where I feel like a blob, thankfully. I have very few actual maternity clothes, and I hope it stays this way, so I still try to make due with t-shirts that I own and know that I always have Josh's shirts when I get bigger. We've had some hot weather this week which is great because I own maternity tshirts but on the bottom I only have pants. However, when it is officially cool weather out, I have pants but no long sleeve maternity tops. The weather where it is not sweater weather but not tshirt weather is going to be a bit tough for me.

How am I feeling?
Still feeling great! Same aches, pains and sciatica so I'm just grateful there is nothing new! Feeling baby move a lot, which I absolutely love. At night I play music for the baby and baby seems to like that and has a little dance party. Josh can also feel the baby moving regularly now, too.

What am I eating?
On my weekend outing with my mother, our stop at Panera was magical. They had my garden vegetable pesto soup! According to the website the soup is only offered on MWF, so I rarely get to eat it. I hope this wasn't a fluke and is now a weekend option! I also tried the pumpkin pie bagel - delicious! It's like a dessert, so mom and I split it. Hubby made delicious white bean chili this week, I broke out the popcorn machine, we had "burger" and fries night (homemade, much healthier), had my chickpea mash for lunches and I made one of my favorite soups - vegetable corn chowder. It is absolutely amazing and actually quite healthy. I might need to make this again in a few weeks. Oh and of course pizza.  

Odds and ends:
We have a wedding to go to and as I predicted months ago, my bump showed up right before the wedding. I tried on a few dresses I owned and I can't even express how bad they look. I deleted all the photos - it was that bad. I went into panic mode and told my husband either I'm wearing pajamas or we need to go shopping. The next morning we headed out and I hit a nice jackpot of clothes on sale from Target! Very happy I didn't need to make multiple stops at various stores. I ended up getting a dress for the wedding, black pants for work and two dressier tops all for the original price of the dress! cha-ching. 

I'm starting to try to take photos in normal clothes as well to really see the bump!

Eddie wanted in on the action.

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