Tuesday, August 13, 2013

5 weeks pregnant

It is a difficult thing to wrap my mind around that there is a human inside my body. There is a small embryo that (God willing) is going to grow into a baby. It is unbelievable to think but I still don’t feel pregnant. The strangest part was the day I tested positive, I had my mom and dad over for a cookout for Memorial Day and they asked what’s new…. they wouldn’t know what was new for 8 weeks!

I quickly began a routine of eating saltine crackers in bed before waking up – not because I was nauseous but because I wanted to prevent it from even coming (if possible). I had a container of them on my nightstand and would lie in bed eating 4-6 crackers and watch TV for about 20 minutes before even stepping foot out of bed. I had read that morning sickness can come about when you have no food in your stomach and your stomach acid is just churning away in there basically eating at your stomach. Also, when pregnant, you supposedly have an increased amount of stomach acid. I had a goal to not let my stomach get empty. This felt like I was dooming myself to gain an excessive amount of weight. I told myself that I would much rather put on a few extra pounds then be nauseous and sick to my stomach on a daily basis.

So photo time - I apologize for my looks - I clearly just woke up and am getting ready to wash my dog outside.
At 5 weeks baby is the size of an apple seed!

It may not look it but there is some major bloat happening already.

Here is me with an appleseed in my hand that you clearly cannot see:

Baby and I went for a run together and Eddie wanted in on the action.

As a reference point here is an early photo - I knew bloat could be an issue and one's body could change quickly SO when we decided we should start trying I wanted a before photo:

In conclusion, I have some bloat. But the bloating is just going to get worse.

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  1. you are the tiniest human ever... well besides the little apple seed in these photos. and I LOVE those new shoes!
    With Luck Blog

    1. no no no!!!!
      I know I love them tooooo - did you get new ones yet?!

  2. hey great post!! I can very easily understand what you are going through coz m expecting too :)

    1. get out! I will have to stop by your blog and find out how far along are you?!!


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