Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10 weeks pregnant

At ten weeks baby is 1.2in and .14oz - doubled it's weight in a week!!!
Thanks goodness that doesn't happen now a days...

I don’t have a picture for this week because at our most recent ultrasound it turns out baby caught up to the size it should be according to having my last period on 4/20. Just like that – I gained a week! I walked in one week and left being another, go figure.

Shame too cause I actually love the food baby is this week - a PRUNE!

Yes, I love prunes. I used to keep those snack packs of prunes in my cookie jar in college. You can imagine people's disappointment when they go in for a chocolate chipper and come out with a prune pack.
BAM! 80-year old, 20-something Sarah gotcha! Just trying to keep things flowing, people.

Back to baby...
Fatigue is something I haven’t mentioned just yet. I have been sooooooo tired. Tired to the point that I don’t know how I am going to make it home. On my husband’s days off he’s been driving me to and picking me up from work. I would come home from work and just not be able to do anything – “too tired to function” as I call it. No dishes. No cooking. No cleaning. You can imagine how my house looked after a few weeks. Josh did everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. After working a 12-hour day, he would come home, make dinner, clean up after dinner, get me anything I wanted from water to my prenatal. And never a peep from him. He told me from the start that my job was to make sure the baby is healthy and just work on growing baby. I came home one day and asked, “What’s that noise?” to which he responded, “That’s the washing machine”


Haven’t used that in weeks.

The man is a saint.

Funny story about my last period. At my first appointment I apparently did something pretty stupid. When I was asked what the date was of my last period I said, with a smirk, "4/20".  She asked "Are you sure?" and I said, with a smirk, "Of course I'm sure... cause, you know, it's national pot day"

The look on my husband's face was one of disbelief and shock. Apparently this isn't common knowledge!!

Now, I am not a pot head. I have never touched the stuff in my life. I don't even know how to get pot, where to find pot. I don't know pot from poison ivy! I had just assumed that everyone else knew this as well. My husband later informed me that I can't make comments like that because it implies I am a user or was a user and no one knows any different. Thankfully, this wasn't one of my doctors who sees me regularly but a technician in the hospital who was doing my emergency ultrasound. Not marked in my file. I'm clean! I'm clean!

From now on when a doctor asks the date of my last period, I state "4/20" and glance over at my husband with a smirk on my face and he just shakes his head....the last thing I want is to end up like Elaine Benes

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