Monday, August 19, 2013

8 weeks pregnant

Measuring in at .63in and .04oz... is the size of a raspberry

It's probably around this time that I thought people had to start thinking something was up. I mean look at that bloat (and boobs!!!)

After two weeks of scary time, we are into more normal weeks. I am an emotional basket case! I was pretty emotional prior to pregnancy so now it is just beyond emotional. I thought it would be fun to write down some of the more amusing things that made me burst into tears to look back on and laugh:
  • Josh and I were watching Jeopardy, the answer to the question was “Beaches”. I got it correct (yay) but then burst into tears. Josh asked me what was the matter and I managed to get out that Beaches was just such a sad movie… we needed to pause the show until my cry-scapade was over 
  • Josh bought me cottage cheese at the store… I didn’t even ask for it
  • Josh bought me a cookie at our local bakery, shaped like a frog, and a pastry to share
  •  I knew the answer on Jeopardy but didn’t say it! I told Josh I knew it but cried because I didn’t think he believed me (maybe I should stop watching Jeopardy??)
  • I cried after doing my prenatal DVD workout because they were so nice and I felt like they really wanted me to be healthy and well
  • I really liked an episode of At Home With Jamie Deen and cried because I wanted him to know how much I enjoyed it (Josh said we could tweet him)
  • I cried at Wegmans when I saw the sushi because I can’t have it (not even my avocado cucumber roll)
  •  I cried because I wanted to sit next to Josh on the couch but my water was near the armchair

Also interesting this week - At first I thought it might be a fluke, but I have noticed Eddie will sleep on my stomach at night. He just rests his head on my tummy. He must know!

We had another ultrasound this week. We actually got to take this image home with us. It was very surreal to see your baby and see the heartbeat (wow that heartbeat was fast!) We should have measured 8 weeks but we were really measuring in the 7 week range (in a few weeks you’ll see why I’m keeping with 8 weeks). I thought our baby looked like a little horse – tail and all! We came home, hung it on the fridge and each day get to see our little baby.


  1. Yay for baby! You look adorable - you are so tiny! I think tiny girlies are the cutest pregnant! Can't wait to see you as the weeks roll will go by quickly! My sister in law is due 1-17-14 and finds out what she's having next week! Very exciting!!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I'm actually 17 weeks pregnant now. I'm trying to play catch up with posts so I think I'm just going to end up posting two a day to get caught up. I'm due right after your sister on 1-25! I can't believe how fast it has already flown by.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I like the last crying episode the best.

    1. it's sad to say but I wish I was still emotional. I feel like it makes for good entertainment.


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