Thursday, August 29, 2013

14 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
Baby is the size of a lemon 3.4 in and 1.5oz

I don't think I have grown much or am changing much week to week. I know that it's only a matter of time. 

How I’m changing?
I'm feeling pretty much normal. I haven't gained any weight even though there are days I feel huge, my weight is always the same. 

How I’m feeling?
Feeling good. I'm sleeping well. I'm sleeping a lot actually. There are still days when I come home from work and can't even function. Then there are other days when I do a lot, what I think is a lot, when I get home from work - dishes, cleaning, a workout - and then I crash on the couch and am pretty useless the rest of the day.

I have been having headaches lately, although they are better than last week. I need to remember to keep drinking lots and lots of water. And if my headache is really bad I find a quick nap will fix me right up. 

I am napping quite a bit and am really enjoying it. On weekends in particular I find myself napping in the afternoon or doing an evening nap, around 7:30pm, and then waking up for a few more hours before bed. And then sleeping in until 8am or 9am.
I'm also still having boob pain, cramping - which I hope is baby growing - crazy amounts of indigestion/heartburn. Pretty much after every meal I have some kind of indigestion.

What I'm eating?
I am just loving all food right now. This isn't the healthiest thing to crave, but I'm really loving Velveeta. I do not eat it every day, maaaaybe once a week. And I always measure the portion size. It's really good with mexican food. yum-o. Reminds me of my college queso days. I also can't get enough milk, broccoli, green beans and grapes.

I'm not hating anything right now but I also haven't ventured back to an apple, orange or cheerios since I nixed them from my life weeks ago.

Common meals this week consisted of raviolos, quinoa bake with broccoli, pizza (gotta have pizza), Greek salad (no feta).

Odds and Ends
I really missed running this week. We had some cool weather, felt like fall, and I went out for a walk and just wanted to take off. Not running has been a lot harder on me than I had ever thought it would be. I find myself talking about running with my husband a lot and already planning a race that we could do after I deliver. I just can’t believe how much I miss it! It’s hard to express to anyone, however, because I know I’m not running for a very good reason, and it’ll be there when my pregnancy is over, but mentally not being able to get out there and go is very, very, very tough!! I’m happy I was able to run at least a few weeks with baby even if it was only up to 5.5-6m long run, wasn’t the half I was hoping for but, things happen.

We have another doctor appointment coming up so I am very excited to hear baby's heartbeat again! Unfortunately I think it will still be a few weeks before I feel baby move.

On an exciting note, Josh and I started looking at baby stuff and just started adding things we like to a registry. We figure it was easier to have it all on a list of what we like and can research and delete from there instead of writing down endless names of things on pieces of paper. Who would have thought such a little munchkin needs so much stuff!

So far for baby we bought some hats and socks we wanted to do for a photo shoot to announce and then our friends Jenn and Jen bought us some gifts! Baby is already being spoiled!!!
(almost caught up! I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant...)

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