Wednesday, August 28, 2013

13 weeks pregnant

At thirteen weeks baby is the size of a peach!

Fun fact: I am allergic to peach skin!

Baby is 2.9in and .81oz

In looking at all my belly shots, I think I look the most pregnant here. It seems as though this was taken later in the day, maybe later in the week. Def bump in the second picture.

We had another doctor appointment this week. No ultrasound. But we did get to officially hear the baby’s heartbeat. It was unreal. Even though I have seen my baby in an ultrasound and heard my baby’s heartbeat it is still hard for me to believe I am actually pregnant. That I actually have a little person growing inside me. I think because I haven’t had any major pregnancy symptoms – which I am so, so grateful for and thank God daily – I feel pretty normal that it’s hard for me to believe. I think I am waiting for an official bump. A bump that other people notice and there is no question that I am pregnant and that I didn't just have a good dinner of pasta the night before.

We finally told our families and friends! Here I was thinking everyone knew – that when I announced everyone was going to say, “I thought something was up!” But every single person was blown away. It was nice to finally get it out in the open so I didn’t need to hide my belly one day if I was feeling larger than normal, or hide any talk of food (and I talk about food a lot), or try to hide if I wasn’t feeling well or sleepy. It’s also terrifying to announce. I know I’m past the danger zone but anything can still happen.

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