Friday, August 30, 2013

15 weeks pregnant

How big is baby? 
Baby is the size of an orange. 
4inches long already and 2.5oz

How I’m changing?
Still no weight gain. I need to gain something before my doctor's appointment or else I think I'm going to get a talking to.

How I’m feeling?
I'm still feeling good. Still sleeping a lot. Usually come Thursday and Friday nights I am beat. This past Saturday of this week I slept until about 8:30am, took a 30-45min nap before dinner. I get up basically every single night to pee. This isn't too far from the norm as I normally peed during the night prior to pregnancy. I did wake up last night in a panic because I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin! So what felt like the wee hours of the morning - aka 12:30am - I had some milk and my vitamin (I was a bit hungry anyway so the milk was welcomed).

I'm still having indigestion but less headaches!

Excuse how I look. I literally woke up from a nap and took these photos. If I turned my head the other way you would notice some pillow marks. That also explains the hair.

What I'm eating?
I went to an amazing birthday party this weekend at a country club - such good food - and they had a salad with ranch dressing. I love ranch dressing but it never really loved me. So I only got some on my salad, with a lactaid pill, and all was fine. The next day I went out, scoped out all the ranch dressings at a grocery store, and bought the one that I think my tummy would like the most. I can't wait to crack it open!!!

This week I also craved chili - chock full of veggies and beans! Other meals included pasta with salad and veggies, macaroni and cheese with stewed tomatoes, pizza (obviously)

Gotta love night belly is so much bigger.

Odds and Ends:
This week I am really missing my sushi. I can't even have my avocado cucumber rolls in case of cross contamination with raw fish. I think I'm going to ask my doctor about this. The one NP I saw told me no but I want a second opinion... I did find a sushi kit this weekend and I told my husband when he's feeling romantic to make me it. 

Still in all my own clothes and still no movement from the baby. 

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