Tuesday, September 3, 2013

16 weeks pregnant

How big is baby? 
Yum. Love this one. Baby is the size of an avocado. 4.6in and 3.5oz

How I’m changing?
I think I finally gained a pound to a pound and a half! It'll depend when I go to the doctor what their scale says.

How I’m feeling?
It's become a struggle to stay up past 9:30pm this week. Slept 10.5 hours this weekend. Usually waking up to pee three times a night.

My sciatica pain is intense. Some days are worse than others. Standing too long or sitting too long really gets it going. It hurts, man! Apparently my mom had a lot of sciatica pain with me. Not saying it's genetic just good to know it's common. I feel incredibly, incredibly old holding my lower back/ass area and saying , "My sciatica is acting up" as I walk very slowly...

What I'm eating?
My sweet tooth has returned so I'm trying to not give in too much. It's so strange - I have always had the biggest sweet tooth. Then the beginning weeks of pregnancy I just didn't have room for anything but my real food. Now I want candy and cookie and cakes and ice cream and I manage to make room. But in moderation. Other than that, just the usual foods - pizza, cheese, my ranch dressing on salad is a hit. I've had stuffed shells this week, minestrone soup (I can't wait for soup season), mashed potatoes with gravy, Boca chicken.
No food aversions still. I did have an apple for the first time in weeks! A small little one so I can officially put them back in my routine. And the biggest thing of all: I had half an egg!!!! I stopped eating eggs when I became a vegetarian, started them again in college for the shortest stint of time ever, and then stopped again. I eat them in things from other people - I tend to cook and bake egg free - but not just an egg. I wrapped half an egg up in a tortilla with potatoes, salsa, cheese and sour cream. I enjoyed it but it completely freaked me out so we'll see if I continue to eat them.

Odds and Ends:

I missed running again this week. I now have dreams of running. People always say they have weird dreams about babies. Nope, not me. Just running. They're very nice dreams and certain songs will remind me of certain runs I had or certain places I walk remind me of runs. I am basically just reliving them until I can do it again. Let's hope I can at least. When I take a hiatus from running my body tends to ask "what the hell are you doing?" when I start back up again for a few weeks so I'm hoping with this long of a stretch of no running it doesn't just crap out completely. I also hope my running shoes still fit and support my, most likely, larger frame when I start up again.

I'm still wearing my own clothes. Just loser tops that I feel more comfortable in and unbuttoned pants that don't quite make it. I'm just waiting for the day I pop and I'm done for. I haven't felt any movement that I can say "yes, that was baby!". They say for first time moms it doesn't happen until after 17 weeks but I know a lot of first time moms who say the can feel flutters. The only thing is, having never experienced this, I have no idea what it's supposed to feel like. They say it'll feel like bubbles or popping, well I get that but that's always been gas to me, so who knows. I told Josh that I'll know it's baby when I see a hand pushed up against my belly. I am very excited to feel baby, though, and know for sure that it is baby. I suspect I have few more weeks until I will and know for sure.

And most exciting news - I think we found a crib we like! We are going to do some more research and looking around before we take the plunge, however!

Can we just take a moment to compare 15 to 16 weeks. This, I think, really shows just how much a belly can fluctuate and it does depend on what you eat, what time of day the photo is taken, and I guess bloat might still be in there. I dunno. I think this is crazy.

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