Monday, September 9, 2013

17 weeks pregnant

How big is baby? 
Baby is the size of an onion.   5.1inches and 5.9ounces

How I’m changing?
I did officially gain at least 1 pound. 1.4lbs to be exact. 
I've felt this way for a bit but I really think I'm losing my mind. I want to do a post on just how crazy I have become with pregnancy. I know people talk about "pregnancy brain" but I think there can be some truth to it. I'm just so out of it sometimes. 

How I’m feeling?
Feeling the same. Tired. Peeing a lot. I find there are some days that I pee literally every 10-15 minutes. Do you know how annoying that is?? Same aches and pains. I'm trying to do more prenatal yoga and hope that helps with some of the pains.

What I'm eating?
My husband was off so he made me all the meals I wanted (not too different from any other week). For lunch I brought back one of my favorite sandwiches: cheese with mustard, pickles and lettuce. So amazing. Also chickpea mash.  For dinner hubby made mushroom risotto, we had "hot dog" night with red potatoes, broccoli, breakfast night with pancakes and strawberries and blueberries, and pizza!
Still no food aversions. Didn't have another apple since. But I am eating my plums. Yum. I'm also drinking a lot of milk. Some days I have three glasses of milk.
Odds and Ends:
We took baby to a baseball game, two actually, this weekend and saw fireworks after each game! Baby is starting to hear voices so I'm sure baby heard all the big explosions!! After the second game I was having some tightness and some cramps but it progressively got worse. It was so bad that it hurt to walk to the car. The minute I got in the car I just burst into tears. We made it home, my husband got me into bed and got me some water and tried to just calm me down. It was incredibly scary. I had no idea what was happening. It was coming in waves and ALL I could think was "OMG what if these are contractions!!!" I calmed down, relaxed, drank lots of water and managed to get some food down and they subsided. It was so scary. I'm sure being in stadium seats two nights in a row and not drinking anything at the game was a big no-no on my part. Next week we have two more games - I'll not make that mistake again. 

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