Tuesday, August 27, 2013

12 weeks pregnant

This week baby is the size of a plum

I'm very happy that thus far everything baby has been has been in season. I know that won't be the case when baby is the size of a watermelon. Where am I going to find a watermelon in winter?

Baby is 2.1in and .49oz

There were a few things I left out of week 11’s update. I also got blood work done because I had a doctor appointment coming up. So, yes, on the day of my Gram’s viewing, I had to go and get 7 vials of blood. 7!! If you remember from my previous posts, I hate needles and blood work. I didn't know how much I was getting taken. So after a few minutes I thought, “clearly this must be over soon!” but it just would not end! I literally felt like all the blood was being drained from my body. Whenever I need to get blood drawn, I come prepared. I bring liquid and a snack to get me feeling better and not end up sprawled out on the floor.

For whatever reason, the tech asked if I was right handed to which I said yes, and he proceeded to take blood from my right arm. I was also insulted because I have always been told I had wonderful veins. My husband, a nurse, just looks at my veins and tells me how great of a patient I would be with my juicy veins. Now this tech insulted my veins!! Don't insult my veins, Mr. Technician, just because you're bitter about your divorce (he told me this whole story). Leave my veins out of it.

I didn't realize just how dumb it was to get blood drawn from my right arm until I went to put my make-up on. I can't bend my right arm. Putting on makeup turned into a two man job and I had visions of Ross helping Rachel put on her makeup in my mind. Thankfully, I ended up much more normal looking and no one was more the wiser. I did get a monstrous bruise, however, and had to wear sweaters for over a week. Luckily my office is the Arctic tundra so no one thought anything of it.

Each week I seem to just mention symptoms in general that I experience – mainly because I can’t remember when exactly they started but for as long as I can remember I've had them.

I’d like to discuss breast pain.

Holy breast pain, batman! I’ve read and heard that women experience breast pain, or breast tenderness as some refer to it as. This is not tenderness. This is ‘holy crap you breathed in my breast direction and now I am engulfed in breast nipple pain.’ And that’s really more so what it is. Nipple pain. This may be way too much information, but I’m being honest. I cannot wait to take off my bra at the end of the day. My poor little gals in a bra all day at work and a sports bra when I exercise, my nipples take a beating. It feels so good to take off all bra support. Want to know how good it feels? You know when you’re handed a vanilla soft serve cone with rainbow sprinkles and you take that first lick and you just smile and can’t believe something can be SO GOOD. It’s that good!!!!!

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