Tuesday, August 20, 2013

9 weeks pregnant

At week nine, baby is the size of a green olive. I hate olives, my husband hates green olives, so we used a black olive. Don't judge.

This week baby is .9in and .07oz! 

Not much is changing week to week. Again, just bloat.

While I haven’t suffered from morning sickness (or all-day sickness as I have heard people refer to it as) I have been experiencing food aversions. Prior to pregnancy, I had some staple foods that I would constantly eat. I had a basic routine of foods. This routine was quickly nixed. Overnight oats for breakfast? You mind as well open a can of sardines. It sounded that appealing. I moved on to Cheerios. Until one morning, I think around week 6, I put a spoonful in my mouth and instantly hated them. Haven’t had them since (even now at nearly 15 weeks). Rice Chex and Kix were my saving grace. I told my husband if he came home with that corn Chex shit I would throw the box on the floor – that’s how much I didn’t want them! (I said it nicely).

My lunches haven’t varied to the point that I think people at work would say, “ What the hell are you eating? Are you pregnant?” No one knew I had a drawer full of lemonade, ginger ale and saltines just in case something went kooky in my stomach and I needed to calm it down pronto.  Thankfully I only had to drink a few ginger ales and lemonades – no suspicion.  

One thing I found very interesting is that one day I will LOVE food. Dream of a food. Can’t stop thinking of a food. In this particular case it was oranges. I could not stop thinking of them and eating them. How juicy they were and the sweetness. I bought five at a time and would go to town on them. Then one day I took it out of my lunch, took one bite, spit it out – never touched them again.  

I would always have food cravings before I was pregnant now it’s just to a whole new level.  If I want something I can’t stop thinking about it until I get it. If I want something for dinner, say ravioli, I won’t stop thinking about that ravioli and how amazing it would taste with the cheese and the sauce until my plate is clean. Usually it is more amazing than I could have ever imagined! I’m not crazy craving where I’ll send my husband out at all hours to get me something, however. If we don’t have it I usually just google images of it. Cause that's perfectly normal.

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