Wednesday, August 14, 2013

6 weeks pregnant

This week was slightly… adventurous.  I had been experiencing cramping, but one day at work I was having a lot of cramps. We thought it would be best to call my doctor just to make sure it was normal. I happened to get a doctor on call that is very, very cautious, which is fine by me, and was told to come in. I had to leave work without telling anyone the real reason why and just said I had an emergency. I went in for blood work and our first ultrasound! I hate blood work. I hate needles. When I say hate I can’t even express how much I really hate it. My husband met me at the hospital and in the end, everything was fine! They were checking to confirm the pregnancy and see if it was an ectopic pregnancy. Our ultrasound showed everything was as it should be but that I could maybe be 5 weeks or before 5 weeks. Based on what we googled when we went home we knew we had to be at least 5 weeks… more on that later.  

This week baby is the size of a pea! 

Still bloated!!!

I guess I should note that currently as I type this I am almost 17 weeks pregnant so I'm playing major catchup. 

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