Monday, September 30, 2013

19 weeks pregnant

How big is baby?
This week baby is the size of a mango  6inches, 8.5 ounces

How I'm changing?
I put on some weight which is good. I would say I'm up about 4-5lbs. I was starting to get very, very worried that I was not putting on weight. I know I need to put on weight for baby to make sure baby is growing and I'm giving baby what he/she needs. Mentally I need to get over weight gain and understand that it's not all fat I am putting on. According to the mayo clinic, weight gain during pregnancy comes from:
  • Baby: 7 to 8 pounds
  • Larger breasts: 2 pounds
  • Larger uterus: 2 pounds
  • Placenta: 1 1/2 pounds
  • Amniotic fluid: 2 pounds
  • Increased blood volume: 3 to 4 pounds
  • Increased fluid volume: 3 to 4 pounds
  • Fat stores: 6 to 8 pounds 
Now this is obviously just an example and estimates. A certain funny lady who wrote a certain amusing pregnancy book weighed her breast on a food scale and it was 5 lbs. That's 10lbs of boob right there!

    How I'm feeling?
    Aside from a tummy ache and a result of that on Saturday, I am feeling great. I'm still really tired in the morning for work and nap on the weekends. I am keeping up my workouts and try to do 4-5 days a week. Not being able to run sucks, but I'm still doing walks, yoga, prenatal DVDs, light weights and abs! I even still do the ab ripper X. I'm sure as my belly grows I won't be able to do all of it, but for now, I enjoy it. I want to keep my abs strong so they can help push baby out when the time comes.

    Also, a symptom I have been having for I'd say 2 weeks now is insane nail growth. My nails grow so fast now, I hate it. I have long nails that start back far (I sound like an alien) so I keep the nails themselves short. I find myself cutting and filing my nails much, much more often.

    What I'm eating?
    I am happy to say that I ate an egg. It was actually 2 eggs. Hubby made me some scrambled eggs with some cheese and toast and then informed me it was 2 eggs! I think I made myself a little panicked over eating eggs and my tummy hurt a bit. BUT I will try again and mentally try to not think about it and just, again, think of how good it is for baby.
    Also this week I housed a honeydew, had "burger night", stuffed shells (which ended badly - major tummy issues here), homemade waffles, taco night, popcorn, ice cream, quinoa, and of course, pizza. This week also brought the return of pumpkin at Dunkin so I got me two munchkins. It was bliss.
    No food aversions! I'm eating apples, veggies, fruit, you have food, I will eat.

    Odds and ends:
    This week we put together our crib!!!! It is so beautiful. Besides the piece that fell and hit me in the knee, it was a disaster free incident. I baked banana bread while hubby put it together. I assisted when needed and ended up hurting myself in the process but hey - it's for baby. I have NO idea how women put together cribs when they are 8 months pregnant with a big belly. I have my little bump and that was enough for me. Other than that, in the nursery (!!!!) we have a dresser already, bought a medium bookcase for books and ordered a valance!


    1. You're still so tiny. I think your baby belly is smaller than my travel belly.


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