Tuesday, September 10, 2013

18 weeks pregnant

How big is baby? 
Baby is the size of a sweet potato! 5.6inches long and 6.7ounces
You know what this means - sweet potato fries. Yes please.
Baby is growing rapidly so I should be feeling very hungry this week.

I am laughing in this photo because as it was being taken, Eddie let out a big fart. That dog has some human farts, I swear. Sorry if that grosses anyone out. It's life.

How I’m changing?
One day I know I'll write that I popped overnight and I'm huge but, for now, same.

How I’m feeling?
Fine. Same. For which I am grateful.  I just learn what I need to do to deal with the same symptoms and hope I stay feeling this good throughout my entire pregnancy. I wouldn't say that I had a surge of energy but I am able to do a lot more when I get home from work now. I can pretty much do dishes, manage to put together lunches for work, and help with anything we need for dinner along with a workout. There are still some days, towards the end of the week, where I just need to go home and relax or am able to do a workout and that's it. I don't know if this is good, but I choose a workout over household chores. Thankfully my husband is very supportive of this and doesn't mind tackling what I don't accomplish or we save them and I tell him I'll do them later so we can sit and spend time together :o)  

What I'm eating?
I kick-started 18 weeks with an egg! Another egg wrapped in a tortilla. This time I think I had almost an entire egg. I want to try to get to eating a scrambled egg with toast - not hidden in something. Baby steps. I know eggs are great for baby so I just keep thinking about that.
I also had vegetarian paella, boca burger, spaghetti, sloppy joes made with lentils instead of meat, salads and pizza. 

Odds and Ends:
Baby had a big weekend to kick off 18 weeks. To start, Air Force One flew over our house. Yes, Obama was in the area to speak and he departed and flew right by our house. This is my second sighting of Air Force One this year. At the beginning of the year I was on a run and AFO was flying to the airport with VP Biden. 

After Obama, we took baby to another baseball game where Derek Jeter played because he was injured. 

If that wasn't exciting enough, the game ended with some nice fireworks.

Saturday we had a nice day at Babies R Us and then I just needed to relax. I was too tired. We did not go to our scheduled game that night, but hey, I need to listen to my body, right? And after what happened last weekend, I didn't want to push myself.

Sunday we got our walk in at the lake and saw a beautiful bird of prey just perched on a branch...

big weekend for baby! 

We also received our crib! I'll show it once we put it together, got a swing for baby and baby got more clothes from Josh's orientee at work. So spoiled. I love it. 

When we were heading out to our baseball game I told Josh that I felt and looked really pregnant and he should take a picture. I think in my mind I'm larger than I am...



  1. Congratulations! Such an exciting time. I love seeing the pictures of pregnancy with the fruit/veggie that the baby is the size of! They'll look so cute together in an album all together later!

    1. Thank you!!! I like having the fruit/veggie comparison. Helps me imagine just how big baby is in there.


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