Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We are not huge Valentine's Day people in my house. I'll do all the heart stuff (read below) but we don't shower each other with gifts. We celebrate but never make a big deal out of it (we just spoil each other year round).

This is our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, however, so we wanted to make it a little more special. I do realize that I am beyond belief blessed to have my husband in my life, the luckiest gal ever, and I thank God daily for bringing us together... hence our constant spoiling of each other year round.

Unfortunately, my husband has class until 10pm tonight ::womp womp:: so our celebration is put on hold until the weekend. I forsee lots of heart shaped foods (pancakes), we already consumed boxed heart candy and heart shaped junior mints prior to V-day (due to Lent) and a nice dinner... maaaybe some flowers.

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day!

What does everyone do for Valentine's Day?


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! We also celebrate the day at our house but we don't spoil each other either. I do like to make a great breakfast and cupcakes(my favorite), chocolates and flowers are always welcome too. And to round up the day, a good chick flick! =]

  2. I think I'll be doing the chick flick movie tonight since it'll be me and the pup! I usually come home from work to a surprise of flowers but since he won't be home I'm not sure what, if anything, he has up his sleeve today - I guess I'll have to wait and see today and this weekend!!

  3. Enjoy your weekend celebration! I usually love a good chick flick, but I'm addicted to re-watching One Tree Hill at the moment. My teen years are so long ago (I wasn't even close to being a teen when the show was on the first time), but I feel young inside so the show appeals to me. ;)

    1. Hahaha ... I was just thinking of Dawson's Creek the other day.
      I ended up watching Cheaper by the Dozen... gotta love Steve Martin!


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