Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello everyone!
This is my first official WIAW of actually sharing what I ate... so without further adieu...

I failed right off the bat - breakfast was a bowl of Cheerios with 1/2 banana in it. I was in a rush to get to work (shock) and completely forgot to take a photo

lunch was half a pb&j and greek yogurt

snacked on some honeydew

and some of these guys

work was way too hectic in the afternoon so I missed my afternoon snack (womp womp)

dinner was a delicious soup

and some ice cream and part of a paczki for dessert with a glass of milk
This wasn't the most typical day in my life of food just because it was fat tuesday so I am excited to do another official WIAW next week. 
Can't wait to see what everyone else is eating - don't forget to link up to WIAW


  1. I had to look up what a Paczki was because I had never heard of it but it sounds really good!

    1. It's like a donut - they are so tasty - they come in plain or with fillings. Above is lemon filled with a glaze on it. My favorite!

  2. I've never heard of a paczki. Is that like a donut? If not, please don't be offended! :)

    1. It is!!! They come in plain or other flavors - they are soo tasty. There is a bakery by my house that sells them but for only a few weeks before Lent. It's something I always look forward to! I've seen them in some grocery stores as well but at the bakery they are the best :o)


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