Saturday, January 12, 2013

Date with my husband

We love Indian food. Being vegetarian it's rare to go out and have a menu with so many options. Usually I peruse a menu online before going out to a restaraunt to see if there's anything for me to eat or see what I could potentially make/request vegetarian. So Indian food is a dream come true!

Fortunately we have an Indian restaurant about 2 minutes from our house. Back in 2012 there was a Living Social deal to spend $12 for $25 worth of Indian food. We naturally jumped on it. It could only be used for dinner on weekdays - as we found out one day after consuming our lunch buffet - so twist my arm, we had to go out for Indian again.

We had a very nice dinner out together and went for frozen yogurt after.
Indian food does not photograph well but below is Palak Paneer (green) and Navrattan Korma (yellow). We also got rice and naan. I have significant leftovers that I am very excited to eat.

After, we went not once but twice to the ice cream shop! The first frozen yogurt I ordered tasted very gritty and sandy so we want back to exchange it. They were very understanding about it and I returned with vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. Why fix what's not broken. I also have leftovers of that calling my name.

I really enjoy nights to just spend with my husband. He works longer shifts and is in grad school so most nights we only have a couple hours together - enough to eat dinner, clean up, watch a show and read/bed - and with school, some nights I'm on my own. We pretty much do everything we can together and a lot of the time it's not terribly fun things (though I do love a day of errands). And as cheesy as it sounds, we truly just enjoy being together regardless of what we're doing.

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