Thursday, January 17, 2013

my secret love affair

I have a secret.
I have another love. Don't tell my husband.

But in all fairness, it's his other love, too.

His name is Moes
No, not that Moe
This Moes

Mexican food is easy enough to make and we typically have a Mexican night once a week. Although lately we have been slacking on this because of my new system (which I will hope to discuss at some point) to make my work week life easier.

But there is just something about hearing "Welcome to Moes" and having someone else make me a delicious, vegetarian burrito filled with seasoned rice, black beans, some cheese, lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo, corn salsa AND a whole bar of other salsas to try, all wrapped in a warmed, whole wheat flour tortilla. Yum....

AND, I know it's not thee best thing for you ever, but they have a new soda machine that made my jaw drop the first time I saw it.... we try to not drink a ton of soda in our house, and lately when I do have soda I go for the full on sugar because I try to steer clear of artificial sweeteners (I also only drink soda that has no caffeine in it). This soda machine is A MAZ ING. I don't even know how many options there from which to choose.

I might have mentioned that my husband and I do not eat out a lot (Indian aside last week) but we do treat ourselves every now and then and last week was one of the thens. I failed to take any photo of our meals because we just tore right in... thankfully someone's birthday is coming up ::cough cough:: in three weeks so we will be back at Moes with my birthday coupon.... and photos to follow....

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